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Ethereum (Proof of X x MASSAGE)
Tezos (MASSAGE x 8bidou)
Artwork by EXCALIBUR



The earthquake that originated in the Noto Peninsula of Japan on January 1, 2024, has resulted in over 25,000 evacuees and more than 200 fatalities. In response to this tragic and urgent situation, we are calling for donations via cryptocurrency. We have launched a platform where donations can be made in exchange for NFT artworks on the Ethereum and Tezos chains. We hope this initiative will bring the much needed attention to the victims and will result in driving support to those who are i need and are suffering.The donations will be made to the Red Cross (excluding taxes and processing fees) in its totality.

The total amount of donations for the Noto Peninsula disaster victims has reached 213,289 yen. We deeply appreciate the donors and collaborators for their support.


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